Custom Tag Overview

Atlas specializes in tags used for industrial purposes, such as tracking, managing, controlling, receiving, processing and shipping. We offer custom solutions for process control. We have high-speed tag finishing capabilities and we are able to attach string, wire, or elastic as a value-added service. Tags can be printed in up to five colors.

Die Cut

With thousands of dies, we are ready to meet your tag needs. If you are looking for something more unique, a custom die-cut tag can be created just for you. Special die-cut tags can be printed in 4-color process on a large selection of stocks, including weather and water resistant.

Great uses for custom die-cut tags include promotional tags, door and rear-view mirror hangers and delivery tags.



Single tags that are attached to one another and separated with a perforation are called ganged tags. When using tags in bulk, ganged tags make quick work of writing information by hand or running through a thermal printer. A variety of shapes, sizes and special punching options are available.

Common uses include: apparel, inventory, hang tags and event tickets.



These are pin-fed tags for dot matrix printing. Many pin-fed tags are now referred to as continuous tags, for direct thermal and thermal transfer imprinting, because they are furnished in a continuous web of 500 or 1,000 pieces.

Special features available include: back printing, punching, numbering, barcoding and extra perforations.


Manifold (multiple part)

Multi-part tags can be two to five parts, with most part-to-part changes permitted. They are available in carbon interleaved, carbonized bond or carbonless. Carbonless, multi-part tags are constructed with black-image CB, CFB and CF stocks.


Self-Laminating Tags

Self-laminating tags have an additional clear polyester part attached to the tag. When the backing is removed, the self-laminating flap seals the tag and protects it from tampering, weather and general exposure.


Dual Web

Dual web tags combine two materials into one product, streamlining multiple tasks into one tag. We will work with you to merge multiple materials and create a perfect tag for your customer’s needs.


Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer

Thermal tags can be pre-printed with the customer’s brand, and then allow the end-user to imprint the variable information, such as barcodes or number sequences using a direct thermal printer.
White thermal transfer stock is specifically designed to run through a thermal transfer printer. It possesses superior high-density barcode printability, as well as provides an excellent surface for primary graphics.


Special Features & Attachments

Punch & Patch* Choices:
  • 3/8″ metal eyelet; 5/8″ patch
  • 3/16″ or 1/4″ punch; 9/16″ or 5/8″ patch
  • 3/8″ punch; 5/8″ patch
  • 3/16″ or 1/4″ metal eyelet; 9/16″ or 5/8″ patch
  • 5/8″ punch; 1″ patch
*Patch stock color and patch size at discretion of manufacturer.
Wires, Strings & Attachments:
  • No. 26 Steel Wired – Double 12″ (standard)
  • No. 6 Polyester String – Looped or knotted
  • Elastic String – Knotted 3″ hole to knot
  • 12″ x #9 Loose string
  • 12″ x 21 or 23 or 26 ga loose Galvanized wire
  • 12″ x 23 ga Copper wire
  • 12″ x 26 ga Stainless wire
Other wires and strings available upon request.

Tag Materials

DIP – An economically priced, lightweight paper available in 8 and 10 pt. in a variety of colors.
Common uses: inventory, clearance and other short-term tags.
Bleached White/SU Manila – Similar to DIP in appearance and texture. Available in 8, 10 and 13 pt. weights in bleached white and manila, 15 pt. manila.
Common uses: continuous and standard tags.
Bond – A lightweight paper material used in carbon interleaved multi-part or manifold tags. Accepts pen and pencil as well as carbon-transferred information and is usually the first part of a multi-part tag.
Common uses: inventory tags, parking permits, repair tags, equipment identification and tracking.
CSU (Clay-coated sulphite) – A fully coated paper stock available in a variety of colors in 10, 13 and 15 pt. weights. Excellent where quality print is desired.
Common uses: tracking tags, product ID tags, danger tags and warning tags.
Glo-Brite – A 13 pt. coated stock paper available in five fluorescent colors: red, orange, chartreuse, green, pink.
Common uses: when maximum visibility is desired.
Semi-Gloss – A white ultra-smooth, semi-gloss stock. Coated on one side in 8, 10, and 12 pt. weights, or coated two sides in 10 pt. weight. Offers excellent print quality for prime tag applications.
Common uses: shelf talkers, product ID tags, membership tags and game cards.
Laser Card Stock – A white, 90# index stock, lightweight for laser printer applications, that is durable enough for special tag or post-card applications.
Common uses: bag tags, index cards, post cards, raffle ticket stock and CD/DVD jewel case inserts.
Permafiber® – Available in 6 pt. color and 6, 10 and 13 pt. white. May be written on with a ballpoint pen.
Common uses: short-term outdoor tags.
Vinyl – Very durable, synthetic stock available in 10 and 15 pt. Comes in yellow 10 pt., or white 15 pt. May be written on with permanent ink.
Common uses: industrial tags.
Polyart® – A highly durable premier synthetic paper. Available in 7 and 10 pt. white. It is water, oil, grease and tear resistant with an outdoor durability of 1½ years. It is printer friendly for flexo, thermal transfer and dot matrix. It has printing characteristics of a fine-coated paper. FDA acceptable for direct food contact.
Common uses: nursery tags, lumber tags and industrial tags.
DuPont™ Tyvek® – Extremely durable spun bonded olefin stock. Available in 1079 and 1085 white. Accepts printing and tinting well. Easy to write on while still being weather, water and tear resistant.
Common uses: lumber, danger, ready-to-rent, hang tags, law enforcement, ski tags, tree tags, hunting licenses and wrist bands.
Paper Tyger® – Patented paper/film/paper solvent-less laminating process that delivers the toughness of a synthetic sheet with the benefits of an uncoated paper printing surface. This highly durable paper is tear, water and grease resistant.
Common uses: industrial needs, maps, tickets, menus and any paper project that requires extra durability. Product is designed for short-term exterior applications.
Valeron® – A weather, water, chemical and tear resistant white-coated stock made of laminated polyethylene. Offers excellent durability while providing high print quality and excellent bar code printability.
Common uses: logging tags and industrial tags.
90# Index – Designed for demanding desktop laser and inkjet printer applications.
Direct Thermal – A heat-sensitive tag stock designed to run through direct thermal printers.
Common uses: roll tags, thermal image tags and event tags.
Thermal Transfer – A white tag stock specifically designed to run through a thermal transfer printer. Possesses superior high-density bar code printability, as well as provides an excellent surface for primary graphics.
Common uses: apparel, hang tags and roll tags.
A specifically designed carbonized bond paper is offered in white on one side and black carbon on the other side. A smudge-free sheet produces a sharp-impact image.
CB (Back image transfer) – Usually the first part on a multi-part tag, carbonless paper material, available in 5 colors.
CFB (Front and back image transfer) – Usually the middle parts in a multi-part tag, carbonless paper material available in 5 colors.
CF (Front image transfer) – Usually the last part of a multi-part tag, carbonless tag material available in white or manila.