Materials & Adhesives Overview

Choose from a wide array of materials that best fit the use of the tag or label. Take into consideration whether it will be exposed to weather, chemicals, moisture or sunlight. Does it need to look glossy, matte or metallic? Will the end user be writing on the tag, or does it need to be durable or tear-resistant? Whatever the case, Atlas has the materials needed.

Uncoated Paper

DIP – An economically priced, lightweight paper available in 8 and 10 pt. in a variety of colors.
Common uses: inventory, clearance and other short-term tags.

Bleached White/SU Manila – Similar to DIP in appearance and texture. Available in 8, 10 and 13 pt. weights in bleached white and manila, 15 pt. manila.
Common uses: continuous and standard tags.

Bond– A lightweight paper material used in carbon interleaved multi-part or manifold tags. Accepts pen and pencil as well as carbon-transferred information and is usually the first part of a multi-part tag.
Common uses: inventory tags, parking permits, repair tags, equipment identification and tracking.

Coated Paper

CSU (Clay-coated sulphite) – A fully coated paper stock available in a variety of colors in 10, 13 and 15 pt. weights. Excellent where quality print is desired.
Common uses: tracking tags, product ID tags, danger tags and warning tags.

Glo-Brite – A 13 pt. coated stock paper available in five fluorescent colors: red, orange, chartreuse, green, pink.
Common uses: when maximum visibility is desired.

Gloss-Coated Stock Material

Semi-Gloss – A white ultra-smooth, semi-gloss stock. Coated on one side in 8, 10, and 12 pt. weights, or coated two sides in 10 pt. weight. Offers excellent print quality for prime tag applications.
Common uses: shelf talkers, product ID tags, membership tags and game cards.

Laser Card Stock – A white, 90# index stock, lightweight for laser printer applications, that is durable enough for special tag or post-card applications.
Common uses: bag tags, index cards, post cards, raffle ticket stock and CD/DVD jewel case inserts.

Water Resistant

Permafiber® – Available in 6 pt. color and 6, 10 and 13 pt. white. May be written on with a ballpoint pen.
Common uses: short-term outdoor tags.

Vinyl – Very durable, synthetic stock available in 10 and 15 pt. Comes in yellow 10 pt., or white 15 pt. May be written on with permanent ink.
Common uses: industrial tags.

Polyart® – A highly durable premier synthetic paper. Available in 7 and 10 pt. white. It is water, oil, grease and tear resistant with an outdoor durability of 1½ years. It is printer friendly for flexo, thermal transfer and dot matrix. It has printing characteristics of a fine-coated paper.
Common uses: nursery tags, lumber tags and industrial tags.

Heavy-Duty Stock Materials

DuPont™ Tyvek® – Extremely durable spun bonded olefin stock. Available in 1079 and 1085 white. Accepts printing and tinting well. Easy to write on while still being weather, water and tear resistant.
Common uses: lumber, danger, ready-to-rent, hang tags, law enforcement, ski tags, tree tags,hunting licenses and wrist bands.

Paper Tyger® – Patented paper/film/paper solvent-less laminating process that delivers the toughness of a synthetic sheet with the benefits of an uncoated paper printing surface. This highly durable paper is tear, water and grease resistant.
Common uses: industrial needs, maps, tickets, menus and any paper project that requires extra durability. Product is designed for short-term exterior applications.

Valeron® – A weather, water, chemical and tear resistant white-coated stock made of laminated polyethylene. Offers excellent durability while providing high print quality and excellent barcode printability.
Common uses: logging tags and industrial tags.

Specific Papers for Printer Applications

90# Index – Designed for demanding desktop laser and inkjet printer applications.

Direct Thermal – A heat-sensitive tag stock designed to run through direct thermal printers.
Common uses: roll tags, thermal image tags and event tags.

Thermal Transfer – A white tag stock specifically designed to run through a thermal transfer printer. Possesses superior high-density barcode printability, as well as provides an excellent surface for primary graphics.
Common uses: apparel, hang tags and roll tags.

Carbonized Paper

A specifically designed carbonized bond paper is offered in white on one side and black carbon on the other side. A smudge-free sheet produces a sharp-impact image.

Carbonless Paper

CB (Back image transfer) – Usually the first part on a multi-part tag, carbonless paper material available in 5 colors.

CFB (Front and back image transfer) – Usually the middle parts in a multi-part tag, carbonless paper material available in 5 colors.

CF (Front image transfer) – Usually the last part of a multi-part tag, carbonless tag material available in white or manila.

Custom Label Stock

8 pt. Tag – This is an 8 pt. C1S pressure-sensitive tag that is usually mated to a clean-release liner to make a membership card. It is used with coupon stock to make a membership card that is affixed to a carrier. This can also be provided on rolls to your clients for them to tip on to documents at their facilities.

BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) – Highly durable and resistant to most acids, a wide variety of petroleum-based chemicals and mild solvents. Has a high temperature resistance and excellent clarity. This material is also used in lamination. Available in clear, clear matte, white or silver metalized.

Conformable Polyethylene Film – A white, top-coated film stock that provides an excellent low-cost alternative to vinyl.

Direct Thermal – A thermal-imaging label stock that is heat activated at 185° F. Testing for specific applications is recommended. Available in white paper or synthetic stocks.

DuPont™ Tyvek® — Opaque, white, spunbonded, polyolefin film with exceptional tear strength and moisture resistance, ideal for labeling applications requiring high tear strength.

Fluorescent – A matte coated fluorescent finish that excels in brilliance and visual impact. Designed for indoor applications. Black ink is recommended. Available in red, orange, chartreuse, pink and green.

Fluorescent Laser – A lightweight, fluorescent stock designed for excellent image quality and processing in most desktop, non-impact printers.

Foils – Two material options available. A laminate of aluminum foil and paper. The aluminum gives the face stock a metallic appearance, while the paper adds stiffness and strength. Laminated foil is an extremely thin layer of foil laminated to a base stock and is available with a dull or shiny finish. Solid foil is an aluminum foil available with a bright or dull finish. Recommended for indoor applications. Available in bright gold, matte gold, bright silver and matte silver.

Gloss Laser – A smudge-resistant, semi-gloss sheet, ideal for custom printed labels that require multi-color graphics.

Laser – An uncoated face sheet that works well for most medium- and high-speed printers. Testing for suitability to your specific application is recommended.

Laser Latex – A 60#-latex-saturated face sheet designed for use in high-speed laser printers. Ideal for applications such as supermarket shelf talkers.

Laser Imprintable Polyester – Available in clear, white and matte silver, providing the excellent durability of polyester along with laser-printer compatibility.

Latex – A highly moisture-resistant, bleached, Kraft sheet with a low-gloss finish.

Piggyback – Two label layers where the top label has adhesive on the back; the second label has a release coating on the front and adhesive on the back. When the label is pulled off the liner and blown on to the form, the adhesive on the back of the second label is what holds the label onto the form. Ideal for indoor applications.

Polystyrene – Optically clear, versatile film with excellent strength and stiffness for non-conformable label applications. Available in white or clear.

Polyester (PET) – Extremely durable film stock intended for indoor or outdoor use where longevity is required under harsh conditions. Lamination is generally recommended for best results. Available in chrome, clear, white or matte silver.

Polyester, 7ml – This is essentially the same as laser-imprintable polyester and is used for membership cards. It is mated with a clean-release coupon stock to make membership cards that are affixed to a carrier. It can also be provided on rolls to tip on or affix at their facilities.

Semi-Gloss Paper – A premium bright-white-coated face stock featuring smoothness and strength for excellent printability and converting.

Synthetic Thermal Transfer (Kimdura®) – An ultra-smooth, synthetic-coated, smudge-proof stock for outdoor thermal transfer or dot-matrix printer applications.

Thermal Transfer – A super smooth, smudge-proof label stock specifically selected for standard and high-speed thermal-transfer printing that requires the use of thermal-transfer ribbon. Provides superior barcode printability. Available in white paper or synthetic stocks.

White or Clear Vinyl – A durable, flexible, weather-resistant stock that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Lamination or varnish is recommended for harsh environments.

White Gloss – Provides an excellent, high-quality print surface when it is not necessary to write or type on the label. Recommended for indoor applications.

White Matt Litho – High-quality, coated stock offers excellent print characteristics. Recommended for labels that must be written or imprinted. Intended for indoor applications and can be flood coated.

White Uncoated – A flexible, uncoated stock that offers excellent smudge resistance and is recommended for use with pin-feed printers. Intended for indoor applications.

Protective Coatings

Computer Imprintable Varnish – A matte overprint used to make stocks imprintable by dot matrix or laser printers. Used over gloss and matte stocks.

Polyester Laminate – Available in clear or matte finish. The best label protection available. Laminates are abrasion and solvent resistant and are dimensionally stable. Recommended for use on all face stocks where maximum life and quality appearance are desired.

Polypropylene Laminate – A low-cost, clear over-laminate, offering excellent abrasion and solvent resistance. A good choice for product labels, short-term, outdoor products, or indoor applications where abrasion resistance is required.

Scuff-Resistant Varnish – A low-gloss varnish with good abrasion and water resistance.

Standard Varnish – A high-gloss, low-abrasion-resistant varnish.

UV Overprint – An extremely high-gloss overprint that offers abrasion, water and mild solvent-resistance. Excellent for prime labels or wherever a quality appearance is needed.

UV Thermal Overprint – High-gloss overprint that accepts imprinting by most thermal-transfer printers.

Permanent – Features a high initial tack and excellent bond strength. Minimum application temperature is 40° F. Permanent adhesive is supplied unless otherwise requested.

All-Temperature – Designed primarily for application to frozen surfaces, but also performs well in hot temperatures. Application temperature from 10° F to 200° F.

Freezer – Permanent adhesive designed for cold room applications, can withstand temperatures as low as -65° F.

High-Tac – High aggressive, permanent adhesive designed for use on difficult services, such as textures or unfinished wood (i.e. pallet labels).

Opaque – A colored adhesive used to “cover up.” Performs as a permanent adhesive.

Removable Adhesive – Allows the label to be removed after it is applied. However, it will become permanent over time with exposure to weather.

Repositionable – A pressure-sensitive adhesive characteristic that allows a label to be lifted and moved or discarded. Adhesive can build to permanent state over time.