Stock Tag Overview

Order a variety of stock tags online at (registered dealers only). All tags are available with attachments including string, wire, elastic or deadlocks. Most stock tags ship in one business day.


  • 10 pt. Blank Manila
  • 13 pt. Blank Manila
  • 13 pt. CSU Color
  • 13 pt. CSU Fluorescent
  • 1079 Blank White Tyvek
  • 1079 Tinted Tyvek


Stock tags are available in standard sizes 1-8. Dimensions for each size are shown below.


13 pt. CSU Color
Colors Available:
Dark Blue, Light Blue, Buff, Brown, Gray, Light Green, Dark Green, Ivory, Lavender, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, White

13 pt. CSU Fluorescent
Colors Available:
FL Green, FL Orange, FL Pink, FL Red, FL Yellow

1079 Blank White Tyvek

1079 Tinted Tyvek
Colors Available: Process Blue, 347 Green, 021 Orange, 185 Red, Pantone Yellow

Production Tags

Standard Size #5
Versions Available: Blue Accepted, Green Accepted, Red Rejected, Green Repairable/Rework, Yellow Scrap, Yellow Inspected


Loose Attachments

String, Wire, Elastic or Deadlocks available to ship with tags.

Affixed Attachments

Attachments may be ordered affixed to tags. Affixed attachments require an additional three business days in production.