Artwork Specifications

Software Compatibility and Artwork Formats
Hardware and software compatible with Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe InDesign®. Vector art in Adobe Illustrator® is recommended. Other acceptable file formats are; EPS, PDF, and PSD. File formats of poor quality may require reproduction charges. Images placed in Microsoft Word® documents, taken from websites or faxed are not acceptable.

File Set Up
• Set art to 100 percent of the final tag or label size. Minimum 600 dpi raster images required.
• Extend bleeds 1/16” beyond die-cut edge.
• Extend bleed borders a minimum of 1/16” both inside and outside die-cut edge.
• Position type/images at least 1/16” from the die-cut edge.
• Crop images to size in native application.

Font Requirements
Include all fonts used in art files supplied for any copy change needs. Fonts must be OSX compatible. This includes; Type1 Postscript, True Type or Open Type. If fonts are not provided and/or are converted to Outlines, (Outline text can’t be modified) the closest matching font will be substituted. A pdf proof or fax document will be provided for signed approval. The job will proceed after proof approval.

Other Specifications
• Trap 1 pt.
• Minimum positive type, 4 pt.
• Minimum positive rule, .5 pt.
• Min dot 1%, Max dot 97%
• UPC bar width reduction, .0004”
• Minimum reverse type, 6 pt.
• Minimum reverse rule, 1 pt.
• Line screen 133 lines per inch
• UPC minimum size requirements 1” width, 4” height

Submitting Artwork Files
Submit artwork files through our SelfService portal.

We also accept CDs, which may be mailed to:

2361 Industrial Drive
Neenah, WI 54956
Attention: Cathy Dougherty